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Our dental clinic in Goa is well equipped to provide comprehensive dental and oral care with the leading edge technology in use. This includes latest state of the art materials and techniques into the setup from time to time. The finest laboratory backup adds up to our clinical results.

We meet the stringent regulations laid down by the local health authorities regarding cross infection and sterilization control.

The clinic facilities are the backbone of our unmatched work delivery.

The Practice

The practice doctrine envisages patient welfare and convenience in all aspects of dental care.

Patient safety and comfort, highest reliability and service, comprehensive care in the finest hands are the essence of the practice. Experience and value for time remain prevalent in pursuit of the objectives.

Spending time with each new patient is important to us as we know each person is unique. Finding out your concerns on specific problems and specific preferences help us to deliver treatment that best suit you needs.

The goal of our practice is to provide and deliver to our patients the treatment choices that meet the needs of the individual and offer the best possible alternatives for their health and enjoyment. Leading consultants in the fields of maxillofacial surgery, General Medicine, Pathology, Radiology, Pediatrics, anesthetists, ophthalmologists provide the recommended medical care.

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Sterilization Protocol

We follow strict sterilization and asepses protocol in our surgery. We back this claim with the use of the worlds best sterilization equipments and protocols. All instruments are follow a washing and cleaning process through chemical process before they enter the digital ultrasonic bath to remove any debris if any still present. These instruments then are autoclaved at 134 degrees in the S class Melag EuroKlav. Thus following the stringent conditions laid down by the European Union Commission. ( New European Standard EN 13060).

Instruments following the above protocol are considered to have followed surgical asepsis safeguards.

Gloves, Needles, Syringes , Suction tips, Patients drapes used are disposed off after every use thus eliminating any scope of cross contamination ensuring safety at all levels of treatment.

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